The study of Mathematics is about learning the different ways we can apply logic and calculation in our daily lives. At Penciltutor School, we work toward having our students not just memorise the different formulas, but also understand and properly apply them in actual scenarios.

We utilise a combination of applications and practices to ensure that all students understand how to interpret and solve mathematical problems.

Additional Mathematics

Additional Mathematics builds upon the foundation of Mathematics learnt. A large chunk of this is a focus on calculus. We ensure that every student is equipped with the correct understanding of the theories taught in Additional Mathematics so that they will perform well at the ‘O’ levels, as well as any further studies, with the knowledge that they require and not just pure memorisation of formulas.

Check out the results of our students who improved their Maths grade.

Hong Qi B3 to A1

Zhi Guang C6 to B3

Vignesh D7 to B3