Our Approach

At Penciltutor,

we go one step beyond offering just tuition. We understand that it is difficult for students to concentrate during tuition classes after a long and tiring day at school. This is why our lessons are packed with interactive e-learning through an iPad, exciting experiments and enriching videos. We also use teaching aids and models to liven up our everyday lessons. Our students do not come to Penciltutor for just tuition; instead they come here for an enchanting experience and this is why our students call Penciltutor their home.

We take a holistic approach to delivering quality education. A schematic representation of the Penciltutor approach is shown above.



Quality and focused learning in small class sizes.

The Institute of London (IOE), University of London, is the world’s top institution for education (as a subject) followed by the University of Melbourne., Harvard University, University of Cambridge and Stanford University are in the third, fourth and fifthplaces respectively. Click here to see rankings.

Research carried out by the School of Psychology and Human Development, IOE found that smaller class sizes enabled teachers to focus better on their students and students were able to “actively interact” with their teachers. The research also showed that academically weaker students were less “engaged” in larger classes. Please read the research paper here.

This research finding forms the basis of Penciltutor’s small class sizes. Ranging from a class size of 8 to a maximum of 12, we deliver focused and engaging tuition classes.