A Maths

At Penciltutor’s A-Maths tuition classes we remind our students to look out for hints in the question paper. If a question asks for a sketch, then plotting the graph on a graph paper is not necessary and by rationalising a surd-containing denominator, the final answer must always have a denominator that does not contain any surds. Other reminders that we give our students is to avoid making assumptions. An angle that ‘looks like a right angle’ is not necessarily a right angle and a + b/2 is not the same as (a + b)/2. Showing as much working as possible is always advisable as marks are not deducted for wrong working and brackets such as { } or ( ) have different meanings in mathematics. Precious marks are often lost when students fail to convert an equation such as y = ax^n into log y = nlog x + log a before plotting a curve and students who differentiate a quotient very often get mixed up with the terms on the top or bottom of the fraction. Other errors due to carelessness include substituting the bottom limit first into a definite integral expression and the failure to include the arbitrary constant c when solving indefinite integrals.

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