E Maths

Omission of essential working is a major issue and we keep reminding our EMaths tuition students to show all working in EMaths papers. At Penciltutor’s E maths tuition classes, we also emphasize on significant figures repeatedly. Generally most answers for E-Maths papers require 3 significant figures, unless otherwise stated. As such, the working should have 4 or 5 significant figures. However, questions involving money require final answers correct to 2 decimal places and angle answers are given correct to 1 decimal place.

Another issue with E-Maths students is that they do not fully comprehend the meaning of ‘demand words’. In E-Maths examination papers, the words ‘Write down’ imply that no working is necessary; ‘Find’ implies that any method is acceptable; ‘Calculate’ implies that finding answers by scale drawing is unacceptable; ‘Explain or show’ means that the question wants you to show your working and ‘Prove’ asks you for ‘formal established reasons’. It is also very common for students to forget to change the mode of their calculators. Hence they lose marks calculating a value in radian mode when the question requires the answer in degree mode.

The suggested answers to the 2016 O level Mathematics papers will be posted below. All solutions/ answers are provided by teachers of Penciltutor School and the Singapore MOE or UCLES bears no responsibility for these suggested solutions/ answers. As usual, if you find any errors in our solutions or if you need an explanation, kindly send an email to admin@penciltutor.com.