Established as a tuition centre in 2002, Penciltutor has accumulated numerous resources to teach English. During our English tuition classes we teach our students what to include and what not to in examination papers. Focused primarily on examination strategies, we remind our students to highlight relevant information in comprehension passages For summary writing, students are reminded that it is not necessary to have an introduction or conclusion and those who repeat points receive an R (for repetition) or PNM (for point not made).

We also prepare our students for situational writing by exposing them to different genres of questions. Since argumentative, discursive,descriptive/ narrative compositions are marked differently, we teach our English tuition students how to approach the three genres. By providing our students with different ways to link ideas and teaching them to avoid convoluted sentences, we ensure that our students gain good ‘grammatical control’. Additionally, we also focus on punctuation because ‘comma-splicing’ is painfully penalised in GCE O level English papers. Most importantly, we equip our students with rich contextual knowledge about current affairs and societal issues. More often than not, the lack of content is the reason students are afraid to tackle expository writing.

The suggested answers to the 2016 O level English Language papers will be posted below. All solutions/ answers are provided by teachers of Penciltutor School and the Singapore MOE or UCLES bears no responsibility for these suggested solutions/ answers. As usual, if you find any errors in our solutions or if you need an explanation, kindly send an email to admin@penciltutor.com.