History Elective is a content-based subject, often termed as dry and boring by many students. At Penciltutor, our History classes utilize mind maps to assist students in consolidating large amounts of information which could, more often than not, intimidate students. Through small group discussions, students are taught to analyse, debate and scrutinize each topic, which makes every lesson interesting and fun-filled. Students in our History classes are also taught on how to answer Source Based Questions, a major component of the History paper. With the relevant skills and content knowledge, students have found it easier to comprehend sources that can often be confusing. Appropriate skills on how to develop essays are also imparted to students, allowing them to write essays that are relevant and show evaluative thinking. In our classes, students are given timed practices so that they are prepared to work under time pressure, a major factor, which hinders students from getting good grades.

The suggested answers to the GCE O level Combined Humanities (History) will be posted below. All solutions/ answers are provided by teachers of Penciltutor School and the Singapore MOE or UCLES bears no responsibility for these suggested solutions/ answers. As usual, if you find any errors in our solutions or if you need an explanation, kindly send an email to admin@penciltutor.com.

2015 O Level Suggested Answers

Combined Humanities (History) 2204 Paper 3

2016 O Level Suggested Answers

Combined Humanities (History) 2204 Paper 3

2017 O Level Suggested Answers

Combined Humanities (History) 2267 Paper 3