Lower Secondary Maths

Penciltutor’s lower secondary mathematics tuition classes are designed using the  syllabus published by the Curriculum Planning & Development Division (CPDD) of the Ministry of Education (MOE) in 2007. We warn our students against the over-reliance on calculators as we observe that method marks are always lost when students  fail to show sufficient working to explain their methods and simply write the final answer from their calculators. Failure to use brackets to solve a quadratic formula using calculators is  also another common error that lower secondary students make. Besides alerting our students on exercising caution in using calculators, we also teach our students ways of estimating an answer. Some students also have the habit of splitting a page into two columns whilst solving mathematical problems. This is a disastrous habit as examiners’ reports from GCE ‘O’ level examinations have confirmed that candidates are penalized for doing this. Another area of concern is the number of significant figures that these students use in their workings and their final answers. As you would probably have realized by now, Penciltutor’s Secondary 1 and Secondary 2 Maths tuition classes not only teach the content to our students but also provide helpful tips on how to prevent the loss of precious marks.