At Penciltutor’s physics tuition classes we will teach you to make notes and mind maps. Physics students usually lose marks in structured questions for making vague statements. For example, if a question asks what renewable energy sources are, some students state that it is energy that can be used again and again. These students get no marks for this answer as they have failed to use keywords such as ‘infinite’ instead of ‘again and again’. Besides teaching students what keywords to use in answering questions, we also point out common mistakes that they make, such as getting confused with the words ‘reflection’ and ‘refraction’.

Some students also attempt numerical questions in Physics without quoting the formula they use. This is dangerous as the student may lose all the marks if their final answer is wrong. On the other hand, if the student writes the formula and the steps, the examiner will give credit for the formula used and the steps although the final answer is wrong. Another common error made by students in Physics practical papers is significant figures. Thus, we make it a point to remind our students that significant figures in calculated values cannot be more than the significant figures of the data. All our Physics classes are planned and conducted by Dr Anand, who holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from NTU and Mr Alexis, who is a first class honours Electronics Engineering graduate.

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