Social Studies

Social Studies is a subject requiring extensive knowledge of the different issues in the current world. These issues range from national issues such as understanding the domestic policies in Singapore to understanding how Singapore adapts to the globalizing world. The topics covered sometimes also extend to global issues involving conflicts amongst various countries due to scare resources and different ideologies.

Social studies comprises of two main components, namely, SBQ (Source Based Questions) and Structured Essay Questions (SEQ). At Penciltutor’s tuition classes, great emphasis is placed on imparting the appropriate skills and techniques which will help students to better approach source based questions. This ensures that their answers are concise and directed towards the question, thus allowing them to score the maximum marks. In tackling SEQ questions, students are equipped with the relevant techniques for them to be able to answer and construct their arguments so that the essays are distinctive and well developed. Time management skills are also taught to students to allow them to better manage their time and complete their examinations in the stipulated time frame, hence allowing students to ace the subject.