About Us

Brought up in a working class family, Dr Ananda is familiar with the financial struggles that some parents face to provide their children with a good education. As such in October 2002, he founded Penciltutor Tuition Centre in the bustling Chong Pang (Yishun) housing estate to realise a dream to help provide quality education to people of all backgrounds, including those from lower & lower-middle income. 
Why the name “Penciltutor”? It’s because a pencil is commonly the first basic tool that we all used to express our thoughts on paper as a child. Similarly at Penciltutor, we always believe that learning should begin with the basics. 

Our first signage back in 2002.

Dr Ananda Rajan B.Eng, MD, MSc.

The only other thing that Dr Ananda loves other than medicine is teaching. Dually qualified as a mechanical engineer and a medical doctor, in 2014, he obtained his DIC & MSc in Preventive Cardiology from Imperial College London. To date, Dr Ananda still remains the principal of Penciltutor School and insists on employing like-minded teachers who share his passion in teaching. 
Dr Ananda still enjoys preparing study materials, setting examination papers, and engaging in enriching conversations with his students. He doesn’t think that he’ll be able to take a less hands-on approach with the school any time soon, because Dr Ananda firmly believes that doctors must feel the pain of their patients and teachers must touch the lives of their students. 
At Penciltutor, we are not just concerned about the cream of the crop, we are empowered to provide a fertile ground for every budding student with an insatiable appetite for learning. That is why our class sizes are always kept small and our fees are always affordable. This rule has produced remarkable results and our students have been featured in The Straits Times!