We offer Secondary tuition for English, EMaths, AMaths, Science (Chemistry), Science (Physics), Pure Chemistry and Pure Physics. Students may choose to attend the tuition classes either online or in-person. We only allow a maximum of 8 students in each class, as we believe in providing individualised attention as a key in helping students excel.

Our Online Tuition Rates

Number of SubjectsCost per 4 weeks
1 $120
2 $220
3 $300
We use Google Meet for our online lessons. Click here for a guide to our online lessons.
We understand that many parents and students may feel uncertain about online learning and as such we offer trial sessions for online lessons only. These trial sessions will allow students to experience how online lessons will be conducted. Each trial session will be $30. 

Our In-Person Tuition Rates

Number of SubjectsCost per 4 weeks
1 $150
2 $280
3 $380

Lessons are conducted simultaneously for online and in-person students. As such, the lesson content and materials are exactly the same for both online and in-person students. In-person students are able to raise any questions immediately during the lesson, while online students are able to ask questions via email after lessons.

Tuition Fees may be paid via PayNow, bank transfer or cash. For more information about fees and payment, click here.